Yesterday couple of my friends and I had a little trip, close to 800 km in total. Early morning we met up at a gas station just outside of Calgary, loaded all our stuff into my car and headed West to the mountains. We decided that it would be nice to go take some photographs and visit some Hot Springs on the way. We ended up not taking many photographs at all. There was not very much snow on the ground and we didn't really see very many things that were worth taking photos of.

When we got to the Fairmont Hot Springs Resort, located in the Canadian Rockies in southeast British Columbia, we decided not to pay for the pool and go on a little hike and swim in the natural Hot Springs waterfall. Alex and I jumped right in. The water wasn't very hot but it was nice and warm and I had a blast under the waterfall and running naked through the snow.

On our way home we stopped at Radium Hot Springs. We didn't really anticipate to spend much time there but we stayed for 4 hours :)

PS. For people who were worried about our cat going though the surgery: he is doing much better and he is back home! He is shaved in some places and I'm sure still sore but he is being much more active and I'm sure will be back in shape in no time :)

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