My friend Bradley is in the process of getting his pilot license and today was one of his lessons. Tracy, Greg, and I decided to go and see him flying. We watched Bradley do the preflight airplane check and he was all ready to take off when he found out that the airspace is over booked. I don't know any technical terms but what I understood was that they had more airplanes flying around that they wanted. The lesson was canceled and we pretty much woke up and drove there for nothing. That must be disappointing for the pilot to come, get all excited to fly and at the last seconds have to cancel. Bradley said it wasn't the fist time it happened.

It was a beautiful day and we spent some time at the Zoo. I didn't go there for a long time so I finally had a chance to see a baby elephant and some other new animals. We spent just a couple of hours walking around and after went for lunch to one of my favorite restaurants - "Sakana Grill".

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