Today was a nice and relaxing day for us and we spent most of it at the beach. The beach at this resort is not the greatest, it has many rocks so it's not very nice to swim but there is a nice beach 5-10 min walk away from our resort so I think we will go there next time. What you see on the photographs below are not rocks, they are sand bags, placed around our beach. I never saw it before and not 100% sure why they are there, I think it's to stop the waves. It was fun to play on them, trying to climb over them with the waves.

While getting in the water we were attacked by fish. They were swiming everywhere around me and I got bitten. I tried to take a photo but didn't really get anything very nice. I also took some shots of the local wildlife on the way to our hotel room.

For the New Year celebration we had a nice lobster dinner and spent the rest of our evening at the beach, listening to the ocean. Happy New Year everyone!

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