First ride of the year! I have to say that riding in -13C on a highway is pretty cold. This morning I went out to meet some people from a local scooter club for breakfast, little did I know, I would be the only one who made it there on an actual scooter :) I guess its a bit too cold for some people to ride. I had great holidays but tomorrow is back to work for me, I'm photographing a couple of basketball games :)

vespa adventures sergei belski photo
CANON 1D MARK IV, 24-70 MM, ISO 100, F 3.2, 1/160
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2012-01-08 18:16 SonjaM: That's dedication! And the picture has a nice European touch to it. In the motorcycle club that I frequent, nobody arrives on a bike (or scooter) from October to April at least, and we don't even get much snow and cold at the We(s)t Coast...
2012-01-01 20:40 Sergei Belski: As soon as I will start booking enough jobs in Florida or Hawaii we can move :)
2012-01-01 14:33 Tracy B!: Now I think that is a little too cold for scooting--we need to move somewhere warmer ;). Happy New Year!!!