I had to do a lot of driving today. I drove 3 different MINI Coopers in one day :) I took my MINI for a scheduled maintenance and they gave me another MINI as a loaner, pretty much the same as my car but 2009. Not long time after I got home they called me and asked if I could bring that car back. They wanted to sell it in the evening and in return gave me a 2008 convertible MINI. I only had my camera and 50 mm lens but I made a quick stop and took some shots. I never drove a convertible before so it was kind of fun :)

CANON 1D MARK III, 50 MM, ISO 50, F 1.8, 1/4000

CANON 1D MARK III, 50 MM, ISO 50, F 2.2, 1/6400
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2009-06-20 06:28 Steve depino: I miss my old mini
2009-06-12 07:18 Tracy: I really like the 1st pic with the blue background...really funky! You should send it to MINI!