As some of you know, Tracy and I are in Hawaii right now. After two airplane flights we finally arrived! The flight to Seattle was actually the best flight I ever had. I was surprised to find out that this little airplane would be the most comfortable airplane I ever flew in :)

CANON 1D MARK III, 16-35 MM, ISO 400, F 4, 1/125

CANON 1D MARK III, 16-35 MM, ISO 400, F 2.8, 1/1000

I took a couple of snapshots as soon as we got in our room. Check out the view we have from our window/balcony! I love the view and the room but we will be moving to a bigger and better room in two days and we will have an ocean view.

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2009-09-15 21:12 Jane: Sergei, these pictures are so BEAUTIFUL!! it looks like you're having a wonderful time in Hawaii!! ENJOY!!
2009-09-10 20:38 Ekaterina: Lucky you. Enjoy the time off!