Here is the slideshow I put together for Katherine and Vince of their wedding. Click on the image to see the slideshow. You can also click on the link to see some of their engagement photographs we did in Banff :)

wedding photographer wedding slideshow
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2010-10-11 15:34 Sergei Belski: Thank you very much Violetta! I'm happy to see your comment on my blog :)
2010-10-09 18:00 Violetta: It is my favourite wedding slide-show so far. It made me tear up. Your work is awesome Sergei! I am very proud.
2010-09-28 19:10 Sergei Belski: Thank you! It was a great wedding!
2010-09-27 11:40 Viktor: Great pictures! I'm sure this nice couple will be very happy to have them.