Its been a busy/stressful evening for me. I had to take a team photo of the hockey team and a portrait shot of two hockey players for the cover of a guide. I only had 15 min on the ice time dedicated for the team photo so I had to work fast, but the team was much bigger than I anticipated. We didn't have enough benches, so we had to move to the side of the rink and try to form 4 rows, using boards, instead of the usual 3 rows. In the process my light stand was dropped, light was smashed, umbrella was broken, and my hood on the strobe was bent. All and all, not my best team photo but with the time line and with all what was happening it will have to do.
Portraits got moved to a later time because of a delay and couple of unscheduled shots so I only had a chance to take one shot with one pose... here is what I ended up with.

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