Today we went for a little hike on the beach to another direction from our resort. It was a pretty short walk, about 20 - 30 min one way, but it was pretty cool. On this side of the resort, the ocean had much bigger waves and we had fun jumping in them. I really like the beach at our resort its probably the best one we been to so far! To the left the ocean is very calm and great for snorkeling (I'm assuming, we didn't go snorkeling yet but will hopefully try today). In front of the resort we have some waves to play around, and to the right we have bigger waves if you are looking for some more fun :)

We are staying in the Dreams Punta Cana Resort and Spa, about an hour drive from the Punta Cana airport. As you know, I'm here to get married. We were planing to get some engagement photographs done in a little village called Altos de Chavon. But today we found out that it would cost us $280 US to take a taxi to go there. That is a little more than we can afford so we are coming up with a different plan for our engagement photographs. I'm planing on doing our photographs myself, just having a tripod and some remote camera action, and hopefully we will have some photos done on Monday. It will be interesting to see how they will turn out, being the photographer and an object at the same time. Some more bad news. I wanted to visit a lake here in the Dominican Republic located on an other side of the country and we found out that it cost $570 US to get there :( pretty expensive so we will not be going. Too bad; I don't know very much about that lake so I am not that disappointed, but it would be nice to photograph some flamingos and crocodiles.

We have 6 a-la-cart restaurants here at the resort, and so far 3 of them that we visited were pretty good. So far Mexican is my favorite, and I don't usually like Mexican food. The resort puts on a different show every night and this evening we went to see one of them.

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