I'm officially married now! Today on February 29 Tracy and I got married at the Dominican Republic in Dreams Punta Cana Resort and Spa.
As I mentioned before I photographed all of it myself with a tripod and Pocket Wizard remotes, except for the actual ceremony. I even photographed Tracy and her dad walking down the aisle and than handed my camera to Tracy's dad, my mom as well had my second camera the entire time. All I can say is, hire a professional :) It was a very interesting experience for me as a wedding photographer to be on the other side of the lens. Everything was very different, much faster when you are actually the groom. We forgot many things we wanted to do, didn't have time for many things we planned. It was a great day and I'm happy that I could spend it with my close family! We have a couple more days here in Punta Cana and I'm planing to spend it with my wife swimming, playing in the ocean, and eating as much cocolate as I possibly can!
Tracy and I would like to thank all the people very much who made us a great video with your wedding wishes, it was awesome!!! And of course thank you very much for everyone visiting my blog!

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