Today was another long day. Tracy really wanted to see Kingston, the capital of Jamaica but the tour that the resort was offering wasn't very long and we would only see the touristy parts. We ended up taking a taxi ride with a personal guide. The price was more expensive, but it was really worth it! We could stop at any time to take photographs and could go pretty much where we wanted and stay there as long as we needed.
We stopped at a severally flooded area, Monegue, where a whole village is now underwater due to hurricane Ivan. You can see my photo of some boats that people use to get to the other side of the water where some houses are not yet covered by water. The water levels are still rising and no one really knows why.
We visited Port Royal, a 17th century port that was destroyed by an earthquake. It was an interesting place to visit. We drove through the richest and the poorest parts of the city, we saw many interesting things, and even stopped at the zoo (not even close to the Calgary zoo, but was still interesting to see). We just had a great dinner and I'm looking forward to another long day tomorrow... Port Antonio.

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