This morning we took a cab ride to Ocho Rios, the closest town to our hotel. The main goal was to find an Internet cafe so I can plug in my laptop and upload some news and see my emails. I don't know why, but they don't allow to connect laptops, you are only allowed to use their computers. We got lucky though, after playing around with the hub I found a way to plug my laptop in and was able to use it.
The city is not very big (maybe 25,000 people or so), similar to all the small towns that we saw in Dominican Republic. Its loud, everybody is honking, people are trying to sell different things to tourists. Ocho Rios is a port city, today we saw 3 big cruise ships docked there, and the cab driver said that it is like that year-round, plus many resorts, so there are lots of tourists. I was never asked so much in my life if I want to smoke some marijuana as I was today. As far as I know its illegal but you can smell it everywhere you go.
While walking in the city we met a nice local guy (later turned out to be a drug dealer) who showed us around in the local farmers market, showed us different spices, herbs, fruits, and also some marijuana plants that they are growing. I also found some dry salty fish at the market so I will try it tonight :)

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