This weekend was full of sports photography for me once again. Friday night I photographed Mount Royal Cougars basketball games (men and women). It was an interesting experience, I tried new angles and I think I got some good shots. Cougars won both games, although men's game was close 65-64.

Saturday I went to see a hockey game, SAIT against MRC. Mount Royal took a beating. 3-7 was the final score. I didn't take any good photographs that day but it wasn't a total loss, I met some of the guys from SAIT. They all were from a Journalism program. Overall I had a good time.
Sunday early morning, once again, I went to the Lake Louise. This time it was a women's Super G world cup. I did take skis with me but decided to leave them in my truck and just walk up the mountain without paying for skiing. Well let me tell you, its harder than it looks... it took me a while but I made it up the mountain (not all the way up of course, just to the point where I could take some shots). I only spent couple of hours up there but was very frozen by the time I got back to my car.

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