I had my photo studio all ready for a portrait photo shoot earlier today, but at the last moment it got rescheduled for a later day. I already had everything setup so I thought I would take a quick self-portrait :)

airdrie studio photographer sergei belski photo
CANON 1D MARK IV, 50 MM, ISO 100, F 6.3, 1/250, STROBES
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2011-02-03 09:12 Sergei Belski: Thank you Katya!
2011-02-02 17:02 Ekaterina: Awesome photo!
2011-01-16 23:14 Sergei Belski: Thank you Dawn! Why would I ever thinking about divorcing Tracy? She is the best!!
2011-01-14 11:47 DaWN Rhoades: GREAT PIC !!! Love the black and white... You better not be thinking of divorcing TC... LOL
2011-01-12 09:25 Sergei Belski: Thank you very much!
2011-01-12 09:08 Violetta: U look so cute:)
2011-01-12 05:52 April: I agree... great picture!!
2011-01-11 12:59 Tracy B!: You look so serious, like you want to have a long talk that might end in divorce. You ARE ridiculously hot though! Great Pic!