Just took a photo of our house. It is pretty much a tradition of mine to take this photo every year. This is number 3 with this house. You can see previous photos from 2008 and from 2007 . This year I parked my Vespa in front of our garage. With weather being -26C it took me about 20 tries but I did start it :)

CANON 1D MARK III, 16-35 MM, ISO 1600, F 2.8, 1/13
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2009-12-17 16:34 Ekaterina: Sounds like you are set for at least another two years ;)
2009-12-15 17:52 Sergei Belski: And notice that every year its getting smaller and smaller, I'm thinking next year maybe a bicycle? :) We still have Tracy's Toyota Prius, so maybe that :)
2009-12-15 17:48 Ekaterina: every year it's a new vehicle too ;)