I was sick for a while and didn't post anything here so I thought I would post a little something :) Yesterday the new issue of AirdrieLIFE magazine came out and one of my images was used on the cover. Also in this issue there is a special wedding LIFE section with some of my wedding photographs. They featured one of my weddings that I photographed a while ago of a local Airdrie couple. You can see more photographs from their wedding in this slideshow that I made for them.

AirdrieLIFE photo
AirdrieLIFE photo

There are many of my photographs in this issue, many of them you probably remember from my previous blog posts, and the magazine is an interesting read so for sure get a copy and check it out!

AirdrieLIFE photo
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2010-03-13 07:07 Ekaterina: WOW, that's great and right on time before the next wedding season kicks in ;)
2010-03-10 09:10 Sergei Belski: Thank you very much for your support!
2010-03-09 21:05 Viktor: With pleasure I looked at the slideshow of this wedding again, great pictures! I think the couple will be glad to find themselves in the magazine.
2010-03-09 19:35 Violetta: I am so proud of you!!!
2010-03-09 12:56 Tracy B!: Wow-- That's great! Always makes me so proud of you to see your work published ;) And I am super excited for that couple that their wedding was included, how cool for them!